Albany is a sweet little town blessed with a wonderful combination of mom-and-pop shops and modern boutiques — one rich in diversity — a beautiful, sane, and generous place…

Come home to Albany — a place where the sun shines at just the right angle, the merchants are happy to see you, and everyone will give you the time of day…


Holiday Mixer

December 11, 2014, 6pm - 8pm
The Albany Holiday event everyone is waiting for:  The Annual Chamber Holiday Mixer hosted by Mechanics Bank.

There will be delicious food from dozens of Albany restaurants, music, drinks, and a Texas raffle for bountiful gift baskets donated by the Chamber Board.

Free admission, raffle tickets for purchase @ event--must be present to win. 

The Albany Chamber of Commerce is a purely local organization with the mission to support and promote Albany businesses — a mission it has been carrying out in Albany for more than 75 years.

The Albany Chamber of Commerce is not a member of, a supporter of, chartered by, or in any other way linked to the National Chamber of Commerce — except in the obvious way that both organizations use the name “Chamber of Commerce.” The name “Chamber of Commerce” does not have any special or official significance.

The Albany Chamber of Commerce does not support the anti-environmental or anti-small business policies of the State and National Chambers of Commerce.  It receives no financial support from those organizations.  Albany Chamber members dues are spent solely in our community.